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California Pharmacy & Compound Offers Orange County Healing.

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Our mission is to continue to be a leader in the medical community and to advocate for the well- being of our patients.

We aim to deliver the highest quality of care reflecting customized prescriptions as well as regular medication fulfillments. California Pharmacy & Compounding Center takes pride in offering a variety of products to improve the quality of life of those in our community. We continue to utilize the most recent technology and research to deliver cost-effective medications and care for our patients.

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California Pharmacy & Compounding Center is an independent specialty pharmacy that provides customized as well as regular prescription medication for patients and prescribers. As an ambassador of your health and well-being, our highly trained staff will not only provide the highest level of client services but also high-quality compounds. We pride ourself in the trust that our customers and our physician partner instill in us, and aim to exceed their expectation at every chance that we get. With more than 25 years of experience and research behind us, we work with your physician to not only treat your symptoms but the underlying cause.

We utilize only the highest pharmaceutical grade chemicals in our compounds and employ the top specially trained staff of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. As one of the top compounding pharmacies in Southern California, we follow strict protocols to ensure potency, and consistency in of all compounds. At California Pharmacy & Compounding Center enhanced patient outcome and client satisfaction is among our top priorities.

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Delivery & Shipping

Delivery & Shipping

Our pharmacy offers same day personal delivery to your facility in addition to complimentary shipping to your home or

Blister Packs

Blister Packs

We offer single-dose blister cards to recovery and nursing facilities, which will help enhance medication management and patient experience.



As a compounding pharmacy, we specialize in Bio-identical hormone replacement for both men and women, pain management, dermatology, pediatric and veterinary