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Pain Creams

What you do defines your life; but pain can sometimes accompany even the most enjoyable of these activities. To further complicate the situation, different pains respond differently to standard treatments. Let us help you with your own custom compounded pain cream; so that you can get back to living your life.

Not everyone can take commercially available pain treatments. This could be because of its mode of delivery; or simply could be from commonly “expected” adverse events. Regardless of the cause, if your pain management is not working because you cannot take your medications, it is time for a change!

There is hope! Personalized pain creams can be created in a number of different formats to make the process easier. From creams to gels these topical solutions can be directly applied to where the pain occurs so you can avoid adverse events typical of ingested medications.

Customize your treatment! Whether consisting of single or multiple ingredients, a compounded solution can help simplify a pain medication regimen by potentially reducing the number of individual medications needed. Coupled with the ability to fine-tune the active ingredients based on your tolerable dosages, compounded pain medications can be the solution you’ve been looking for to treat your pain! Some examples of what we can provide include:

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Personalized pain creams can help!

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