Pediatric Compounding

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A better way to give your child medication

By putting a drug into a flavored suspension or sugar-free lollipop, medications can become something kids want to take, not something they have to.

Pediatrics Compounding

Children are often the patients who
benefit most from compounding.

Compounding pharmacy has an important role to play in the field of pediatric medicine. These specialized pharmacies can offer solutions to the unique patient needs that arise in the pediatric population.  When commercially available options are exhausted, a compounding pharmacist can help offer solutions to unique patient needs. Improved compliance, improved patient satisfaction, and reduced adverse reactions result when the correct compounding solution is utilized.

How can compounded
medication help the children

Pediatrics compounding is an option for helping children get the medications they need in a suitable form. Many medications that may not be available in liquid forms can be compounded into solutions, suspensions, and syrups. In addition, gummy bears, freezer pops, lollipops and topical creams are examples of pediatrics compounding pharmacy formulations that may be more child-friendly. Many of the oral alternatives can be flavored to help with medication administration in children.

Medication can be tailored to the child to allow better compliance in cases when the commercial product is unable to meet the needs of the patient. Reasons to turn to compounding for pediatric medications:

  • Medications unavailable in an appropriate dosage form
  • Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Food Allergies
  • Medically prescribed diets
  • Taste preference

Pediatrics compounding gives the ability to completely customize the medication for your child’s unique taste preference and condition in mind, whether that includes being preservative free, dye-free, sugar-free or any other customization that may be required. The medication can be delivered in a more child-friendly compounding solution such as gummies, troches, lozenges, lollipops, oral liquids and more.

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